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About the Yanina Sokolova's Foundation

Yanina Sokolova Foundation


«Yanina Sokolova's Fund» is a non-governmental organization founded in 2021 by a Ukrainian TV host, journalist, social activist Yanina Sokolova.

Our Mission: Development of mental Self of a Ukrainian.

We strive to make qualified psychological assistance accessible everyone, to develop a culture of referring to mental health specialists for forming the mental Self of a Ukrainian.

Fund`s Activities

  • Psychological support for the Ukrainian civilians
  • Psychological support for the military and their loved ones
  • Psychological support for adult cancer patients, palliative patients and their loved ones
  • Psychological and informational support for women who suffered sexual abuse and torture during the war
  • Development of blood donation culture in Ukraine


Head of «Yanina Sokolova's Fund». Journalist, TV host, public figure, author and producer of YouTube projects.  Included into the list of the most influential Ukrainian women.

«Ukrainians are wounded by the war and post-Soviet syndrome. Mental health of the nation is a shield and a sword bringing the victory closer. And it's the resource we need to rebuild a new European mentality."

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